Rodin & Roses


The Musee Rodin in Paris resides in the Hotel Biron which was built as both a townhouse and country home in the early 18th century.  By the 20th century, the estate was put up for sale and several artist tenants were allowed to occupy the hotel.  The writer Jean Cocteau, painter Henri Matisse, dancer Isadora Duncan, amongst others, took up residency on the property.  Auguste Rodin also rented four ground floor rooms which opened to the terrace and used them as his studio.  The gardens most likely influenced his work and he ultimately occupied the entire building.

Rodin left all of his works of plaster, marble, bronze, stone and more, to the state and asked that they be kept at the Hotel Biron – to be called the Musee Rodin – in exchange to ‘reserve the right to reside there all (his) life’.  The most significant of his works – The Kiss, The Three Shades and The Thinker – also live larger than life on the property.  The gardens surrounding these sculptures are infused with roses of every species adding stunning color to the otherwise sculptural landscape.  It’s all quite magical!

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