The 2016 San Francisco Fall Art and Antiques Show (SFFAS) celebrated its 35th year with a refreshing sense of design, beauty and whimsy.


This year’s fanciful theme of ‘Animalia’ took us back in time to remind us of mankind’s documented allure and fascination of the animal kingdom.   Derived from the Latin word ‘animalis’, animalia translates in part to ‘having soul’.  How fitting to apply this definition to art and antiques which I always refer to as such – ‘having soul’.  These pieces have a story, a history and perhaps most importantly, unique charm.  Animals, in any form of decoration, invoke an immediate sense of character to a room!


Since the beginning of civilization, creators of any sort have been captivated with the animal kingdom and have expressed this in almost every medium imaginable – from stone carvings to pottery to wood carving to canvas, just to name a few.   These influences are evident in art and antiques, from antiquities to the contemporary.


De Gournay wallcoverings and Farrow & Ball paint, both generous sponsors of the SFFAS, enhanced the feel of the show in the most magical way.  The Grand Entry Hall once again displayed designer vignettes created by Catherine Kwong, Ann Getty, Antonio Martins and Jonathan Rachman. Each of these vignette’s walls were adorned by custom desgined De Gournay wallcoverings.  In fact, my cover photo is that of Antonio Martins’ bespoke design with de Gournay of the exotic Brazilian mangrove jungle.   Divine!


In the horizon, each antique or art dealer seleceted a Farrow & Ball paint color for their own vignettes creating a subliminal sense of continuity yet a diverse color palatte.  It was stricking to see the power of paint and color as it relates to how art and antiques come to life in a space.


The SFFAS Lecture Series, as always, was a design dream.  Lectures and discussions included guest speakers such as Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder, James Reginato, David Netto, Chara Schreyer and Gary Hutton, Suzanne Rheinstein, Madeline StuartSteven Volpe and Carl J. Dellatore, and Janice Lyle


The annual Institute of Classical Architecture and Art’s (ICAA) Northern California Chapter Lunch and Lecture, held on Designer Saturday, honored the inimatble New York decorator Alexa Hampton.  Her lecture following the luncheon, entitled ‘Decorating with Art, Antiques and People’ left us all laughing somewhat uncontrollably!  Alexa is a delight beyond words and we were honored to have her visit San Francisco.


Parties and events were abundant, shopping was inspiring and a wonderful time was had by all.  Already anticipating what 2017 will bring, I hope you enjoy the 2016 show!


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